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Why Our Customers Choose Us

Clients seeking O.C. Mitchell, Jr., Inc. find reliable contract services as well as our variety of services no matter what the project size. The motivation of our employees and the desire for quality translates into a satisfied client. Repeat business is a hallmark of O.C. Mitchell, Jr., Inc.

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition

O.C. Mitchell, Jr., Inc. is dedicated to development of skilled supervisors and craftspeople through continued education, on the job training and professional organizations such as The Association of General Contractors. Meticulous review of materials and methods helps produce an effective workforce in a constantly changing market.

Our Business Goals

One of our major goals at O.C. Mitchell, Jr., Inc. is to provide the highest quality service in a safe, professional and affordable manner, without sacrificing quality or workmanship. As you explore our website, our hope is that you will learn more about our company.


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